Drummer found!

Rog Valvoline is getting to grips with the band’s material and we expect to be working on some new songs – including an original! – very soon. It’s all go in Camp Valvoline…

Drummer wanted – become a Valvoline – live the dream

The Valvolines have been going through what I believe in agricultural circles is called a fallow period… But, the little green shoots of rebirth are starting to poke above ground. Yes, I know it’s the wrong season for that kind of thing – in the northern hemisphere anyway, but you get the picture. Anyway, we… More Drummer wanted – become a Valvoline – live the dream

Gig cancelled

Sadly we have had to cancel the gig at the The Crown in Heather on Saturday 15 October. Mucho apologias. Valvolines activity will be on hold for the next few months, after which time we hope to announce some new developments… could be new members, could be a new direction. We don’t know yet. We’ll… More Gig cancelled